28 September 2009

Project two - Postal Presents

Baby Mobile

In the development of this assignment, Postal Presents, which is a flat packed gift in a C4 envelope suitable for postage, I experimented with different shapes and materials in cut out designs.
The design I developed is a brightly coloured hanging mobile for a new baby. It is easily recognisable in the flat packed state and easy to assemble.
The hanging mobile is made from brightly coloured polypropylene which is a flexible and versatile material that is also recyclable.
The design consists of two cross cut circles cut specifically to extend out, one larger than the other so the smaller can hang inside the large. Hanging from these are coloured stars that are able to be flat packed.
This postal present is a great gift to send to a friend or relative who has recently had a baby but lives interstate or overseas.

Peer Review

Rob Corvetto
Brett Rushbrook
Jason Vergara
Nicholas Walker
Fil Pulido

16 September 2009

Video Reflection: Ross Lovegrove - Organic Design

Lovegrove’s love of organic form is inspiring.
His belief that form can “touch people's souls and emotions” is what has driven him to create such inspiring designs. Lovegrove claims that "we lived in caves and I don't think we've lost that coding system… we respond too much to form" he goes on to explain that "We should be developing packaging for ideas which elevate people's perceptions and respect for things that we dig out of the earth." Lovegrove's philosophy of Design Nature Art (DNA) coupled with observation, curiosity and instinct truly explain what he is out to achieve. Lovegrove's real inspiration lies in nature. His fascination with bone and coral is what really brings an amazing extra to his designs. He takes a queue from nature in taking away what isn’t needed and then being able to deliver maximum beauty. This greatly comes across in his bone chair design GO Chair. The skeletal chair encompasses his need for organic lean or “fat free” design.

Lovegrove also has many environmentally aware design ambitions. His wish to get cars off the road and as many people as possible on bicycles made from bamboo should be applauded.

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15 September 2009

Task 4 - Bad Design

Confusing Lift Buttons

For task four we were told to identify a bad design and create a solution.
I chose the lifts at my local shopping centre. The entire shopping centre has colour coded levels and signage including in the lift. Until you realise the colour coded lift buttons aren't the lift buttons at all! The real lift buttons are hidden below creating confusion and delays.
In my poster I have created a solution to this problem.

02 September 2009

Mood Board and Pleasure Analysis

Mood Board

Pleasure analysis

Physical level: The stubbie mate is comfortable and satisfying to hold through its cushy neoprene hand piece.

Social level: The stubbie mate creates a talking point in social situations and its convenience means it can be shared with others in need of a bottle opener.

Psychological level: The stubbie mate is quick and easy to use. Removing the need to rummage around in the drawer looking for the bottle opener.

Ideological level: Stubbie coolers are quintessentially Australian, a gesture of pulling one of these from your bag and giving to a friend is as much to say you're Australian, you're my mate and I'll protect you during battle. The bottle opener on the bottom portrays the user as a problem solving hero that saves the day.

Peer Comments

Shan Shan Wang

Alissa Sanders

Nina Harcus

Emily Soares

Sam Whipp

01 September 2009

Project one - Experience Enrichment - Final Poster

For project one the brief given was to take an everyday object and make using it a more pleasant experience.
The stubbie mate was an idea that took hold of me. It consists of a neoprene sleeve to put your bottle in to keep it cool. It also features a built in bottle opener recessed into the base. This extra convenience make the stubbie mate a joy to use and saves the hassle of rummaging around in the drawer for a bottle opener.